Tuesday was graduation day for about 20 5th graders from around the district. Students involved in D.A.R.E., Drug Abuse Resistance Education, were center stage at Foster High School’s Performing Arts Center presenting their essays about what they learned through the year. Each student gave their personal story about what they learned though the year.  Each student learned how to use the decision making model which many students said they will use to make other important life decisions that may not involve drugs.  They were learning many important tools like how to define their choices, resist peer pressure, and then evaluate their answers.
D.A.R.E. is well known for its work in drug prevention however they have branched out into helping to prevent bullying.  Friends and families of the graduates, teachers, Superintendent Dr. Judith Berry, Tukwila Officers, and fellow classmates were on hand for the fun and educational event.  Each presenter received a medal of achievement and special certificate of completion. Each student in attendance was given a gift card from a local family fun center, and a gift pack from D.A.R.E.