The Sankofa Celebration took place Thursday afternoon at Foster High School. This is the 2nd year for the Black Student Union’s special celebration. About 30 seniors were honored as they prepare to make their journey from high school student into adulthood. It was an emotional moment for many of the students and advisors.  Katrice Cyphers, On-Time Graduation Advisor said the lives of the students have come full circle for those who were in the club since its inception 4 years ago.  The Showalter Middle School choir sang the Black National Anthem “Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing” in honor of the graduating seniors.


This bestowing of the woven stole with African symbols, graduation year and “BSU” is part of African and African-American traditions that move children into adulthood. Their advisors wished them the best as they make a journey into a different phase of their lives. “I’m so proud of you,” said Nichelle Page, Quality Engagement Specialist. “Continue to strive for your greatest potential.  It’s what you see as your greatest potential, not as seen through someone else’s lens. Just yours.”
Monvausiyei Bomber, a graduating senior said he felt empowered by the ceremony and stole because he said during his whole life he was given the impression that it is not common for young Black young men to make it to their senior year in high school and much less to the age of 18. “This ceremony gave me a sense of pride in my heritage and a sense of community,” he said.
The students will wear the stoles with their robes on graduation day.